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June 1, 2010 / johnoliversimon

First Tesla Rose Poem

I’ll start off with the first poem I ever wrote to my granddaughter Tesla Rose.  Careful scanners will note that I wasn’t too settled yet on the 11-syllable parameter.


Your blue eyes track our faces now,

the sunny constellation of your mommy,

Daddy’s high-striding cordillera,

and this snow-bearded person who looms

into view, a good heart, you’ve decided,

to go to sleep on, enclosing your inner

sensorium in dreams of sucking.

Born a century to within five weeks

after your great-grandma who smoked

like a chimney and sat on the egg of

her secret fifty years, you stretch fingers

toward understanding your own name,

your neurons dividing and redividing,

copper wire sparking, petals slowly unfold.


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  1. Jannie / Jun 5 2010 9:04 pm

    I particularly like “sat on the egg of her secret.” Nice to see your blog up and running. I’m interested in your translations, of course.

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